Let us help you beautify your home! There are many areas around the home that may need maintenance. And there are many areas that can be more functional, with the right solutions. As professionals, we can perform these household projects easier, faster and safer than homeowners. We have the tools and expertise to avoid costly mistakes. What do you need us for?


There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give the house a more open appeal. Updating colors can update a home and create a cozy atmosphere. Whether it’s interior or exterior painting, walls, floors or trim work, consider hiring the professionals at J.O. Contracting LLC.


Small plumbing problems can lead to disasters. It’s wise to hire professionals to add piping, replace fixtures and install appliances as needed.

Electrical Work & Lighting

Electricity is a convenience most people take for granted. When there’s a problem with the electrical system in your home, it’s important to rely on professionals to ensure the work is done correctly. J.O. Contracting LLC can repair your electrical problems safely and quickly. As experienced electrical contractors, we will tackle your problems with confidence, provide electrical upgrades and repairs, install outlets or perform complete home rewiring services.

Custom Shelving

Custom shelving adds a touch of elegance to any home. The right storage areas can help keep your house neat and tidy. Display areas can call attention to priceless objects. Floor to ceiling cabinetry can transform a cluttered house to an elegant and inviting space.

A Special Touch

Somewhere around your house, there’s probably a special idea you’ve had simmering in your brain. An outdoor fireplace? A wine rack in the kitchen? Perhaps a draft beer counter on your deck. Whatever the project you have in mind, consider discussing it with J.O. Contracting LLC. We have the expertise, experience and the desire to work with you.