Priorities change with time. Families grow – or sometimes shrink! How we live and work is in constant flux. Retirement brings new ideas. Hobbies become full time obsessions. You may love the home you have, but you’d like to make the most of your living space. J.O. Contracting LLC can make your vision a reality.


As families spend more time at home, creating a dream kitchen is a frequent request. The health and welfare of a family often demands more space, better access to cabinets, or a place for gathering. As kitchens age, our customers often want to refresh the existing space, create more storage or completely change the space. J.O. Contracting LLC would love to work with you to bring the kitchen you have in mind to life. We’ll sit down with you, ask a few questions about what you have in mind and get a good idea of your needs. Then we’ll design the kitchen that fits within your needs and your budget. If you already have a design, we’ll work with your architect to achieve the exact look you want.


Depending on when your house was built, you make have bathrooms that are not very functional anymore. The space is confined. Fixtures are old. Flooring and cabinets need to be replaced. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a spa-like bathroom with separate bath and shower. Maybe you’d like a steam shower!

J.O. Contracting LLC can help you capture and create the bathroom of your dreams. From a beautiful bathtub replacement, walk in shower or tub, a stylish shower that doesn’t require constant maintenance, or just a better use of space, we can help you create a bathroom that better meets your needs.


Families often move into a home with the idea of renovating the basement at a later date. Perhaps that time has come! A basement space can be converted to the living area you need now.

  • Need another bedroom when in-laws come to visit?
  • Do you have elderly family members who need their own space?
  • Perhaps it’s time to build an inviting workout room.
  • Or it’s finally time to build that entertainment area you’ve been dreaming of.

Interior Work

Interior work always includes the plumbing, painting, electrical and cabinetry needs of that particular space. We leave nothing undone! J.O. Contracting LLC would like to work with you to create the space you desire.