How We Work

J.O. Contracting LLC is a family-owned business. The company is grounded by strong values – honesty, hard work, trust, first-class communication skills and strong customer service skills. J.O. Contracting LLC is passionate about the work we do and engaged in the projects our clients desire. We enjoy the challenge of each project and the satisfaction of creating a pleasing space that delights our customers.

"My wife, son and daughter – we all get involved in the business! We each have our own strengths – abilities that have helped to shape and build the business.”


Jaro Ozimanic

Founder & Owner
License #13vh11428100

About Us

Background. Jaro is an eastern European contractor whose work is defined by detailed, highly crafted design. Eastern European contracting is based on design that is not only beautiful but also demonstrates an efficient use of space. Attention to detail is critical for eastern European contractors and a core value for J.O. Contracting LLC. The vision of J.O. Contracting LLC is to work closely with clients to understand the ideas behind the project and ensure an innovative, complete and eye-pleasing solution.

Jaro is actually a second-generation contractor with experience that is both deep and broad. The company has evolved and grown based on his experience in the industry. Building a business from the ground up – or in Jaro’s case – from the top down – has been his passion! Jaro started out in the roofing business, building, installing and repairing roofs of all kinds, from metal, to asphalt, cedar and more.

You can trust our work. Not only does J.O. Contracting LLC have the experience and background as noted above, but we are dedicated to an honest work ethic and fair pricing. We are also licensed as a General Contractor and Home Improvement Contractor. You can expect professionalism and service when you work with J.O. Contracting LLC.

Work With Us

When you work with J.O. Contracting LLC – you work with Jaro. We believe in personal communication and working one-on-one with our customers. For J.O. Contracting LLC, the customer is always first. We are on site, answering your questions and making sure every aspect of the job is handled properly. We OWN the job, start to finish. And as we work, we clean up as we go along. Even better, your project will have a beginning, middle and end. We do the job in a reasonable amount of time – on a schedule that you will have approved beforehand. We want to see the end result as much as you do!